Do You Struggle Getting Guys To Commit? Does Your Neediness Get in The Way of Relationships? If so, Then The M.A. 2.0 Transformational Seminar is Just For You!


Do you struggle making guys commit? Do you find it difficult to keep him interested? Do you notice being confident around guys who don't like you, but can't do the same with guys you like? Do you struggle with jealousy as a result of low self esteem? Have you been so hurt in the past that is keeping you from trusting men?

This one day comprehensive seminar will provide you with the tools to naturally transform your interactions with men not through a superficial tactic, but through an identity level change. You will learn how to NATURALLY and unconsciously change your behavior through a few simple tactics.

This life altering day of brain Hemorrhaging Immersion – traveling DEEP Down the “rabbit hole” to the most advanced understanding of dating, inner transformation, and self-actualization in existence.

You will learn the following:

  • Drop all defensiveness and eliminating neediness
  • Learn the root cause of your neediness
  • Uncover your deepest and truest self through presence
  • Learn how to be confident in all situations by letting go of role plays
  • Become your own source of positive emotions that will eliminate all neediness once and for all
  • Reinvent Yourself, By Creating a Positive and Lasting Change at the Core Level of Your Existence
  • Completely Eliminate ALL Rejection from Your Life Instantly… and For Good
  • Become a Woman of Power, Knowledge, and Presence
  • Radiate Complete Control, Confidence, and Inner Peace… Which Men Find Super Attractive
  • Arm yourself with the necessary tools to master your emotions in order to stay calm and centered while in the process of seduction
  • Use the power of the self image to DRAMATICALLY AND EFFORTLESSLY change your reactions and behaviors
  • Unleash your true personality without seeming forced
  • Learn how to use the self image and presence in order to have a powerful affect on your personality
  • Learn how to use your excess energy to transmute it into a sexy and confident vibe that men absolutely love

The beauty of this seminar is that you will learn how to change your behavior, emotional reaction and mindset, not through will power, but through simple, and practical tactics. 

This is THE seminar for those who are tired of living a life of conformity. So if you're absolutely ready to change then sign up for this seminar girl! Oh btw... I'm going to be there. So that's another reason to join... just saying :)

Seminar Dates