NICE GIRL Seminar – NYC (May 29th)


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This seminar is specifically for women who consider themselves as a “Nice Girl” and would like to finally stand up to others who take advantage of them.

My mother was a nice girl and people took advantage of her for her whole life.

I was a nice guy until my mid 20s and women also took advantage of me.

The problem is that nice girls don’t get the respect from others. They bring out the predator in people.

Nice girls struggle with confrontation and expressing their values, and as a result, they attract predators and become passive-aggressive in the process. That’s not good!

By the end of this course, you will have the tools to develop a mindset that naturally projects power and strength. You will deter abusers from your life who prey on the weak. Nobody will dare to mess with you and if they do, they will suffer the consequences.

Men will find you more attracted to you in the process. Those who disrespected you in the past will either leave or find new fond respect for you.

You will also:

– Learn foolproof dating rules for women who feel that men CONSTANTLY take advantage of their love and kindness.

– Know how to project a threatening presence that demands respect

– Learn why healthy boundaries are important

– Understand how healthy boundaries are created

– Learn how healthy boundaries help us enjoy life

– Know how to create healthy boundaries

– Know good boundary communication

– Know how to non verbally communicate strength.

– Learn to project ultimate confidence and self assuredness

– Learn how to set internal boundaries and let your inner authority run your life and much more!

Once again, this is specifically FOR NICE GIRLS!

If you’re already someone who’s considered a “bitch”, well this may not be the course for you unless you’re curious.


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